50,000 Sessions

Functional Fitness Training has been the Emerald coasts most in demand personal training company over the last 19 years, and is dedicated to providing the highest quality and most professional personal training services available in the fitness industry today.

With over 50,000 one-on-one personal training sessions completed over
the last 10 years and the best guarantee in the industry, you can be
confident that my team and I will help you achieve your goals the fastest and safest way possible!

All of our training services are custom tailored to each client’s
individual needs
, which is why we have been so successful at making sure
each person reaches their goals…no templates, cookie cutter or one size fits all programs.

Our personal training services are open to all ages and levels. No experience is necessary, just the will to achieve! One on one, private group and bootcamp sessions are available at home, office, BEACH ,gym or clinic format.

15 Reasons Why Our Clients Are The Emerald Coasts Fittest!
1.       1 on 1 Consult and Goal Setting                                                                         2.        Nutritional Analysis
3.        Individual menu planning
4.        Exercise prescription
5.        Copy of Your Body’s Instruction Manual…Mastering Your Metabolism
6.        Healthy recipes built around your specific needs
7.        Private and Personalized Comprehensive programs
8.        Stress Control
9.        Weekly accountability check-ins
10.      Monthly progress reports
11.      Unlimited email, phone and text support
12.      New client success packet
13.      12 week Exercise and Nutrition Journal-our most effective accountability tool.
14.      Referral Rewards-refer friends and train for free.
15.      A partner in your health & fitness future with you each step of the way.

You are unique…your goals are unique…and therefore your sessions must be unique and tailored specifically for you!

Here is a workout breakdown:

 5 minute: Dynamic Warm-up and Movement Preparation
(safely warms up the body in a way that stimulates the nervous system and muscles to
prepare them to work out and stay injury free)

15 minutes: Time Under Tension:Customized Exercise Program
(there’s no time for sitting around as we keep you moving through compound movements involving bands, weights, balls. bodyweight and much more . This is the most efficient way to train your body by involving every muscle in each workout. Your metabolic rate will sky rocket and your body will transform in a matter of weeks. )

5 minute: Integrative Flexibility or Interval Training
(our professionals will enhance your flexibility through hands-on PNF stretching, self myofascial release rolling, as well as other techniques.

Yeah, when you add that up its only 25 minutes!!! Be skeptical, I want you to  come try a workout for free with me so you can experience it for yourself  and then judge the workouts after you have performed one.

We DO NOT believe in the blood sweat and tears philosophy, if you like that kind of philosophy, go puke someplace else.  We gradually strengthen your body from head to toe systematically. Each workout prepares you for the next one.

To Your Fittest body Ever!!!!