Stop The Confusion

Functional Fitness Training Announces our Spring Workshop:



    Learn a Simple, Proven, Lasting Approach to Living in a Lean, Firm, and Fit Body!


  Here is just a little of what you’ll learn:


  • Why diets will make you fat!
  • Why weight loss does not always equal fat loss!
  • How foods labeled “fat-free cooking” get 100% of their calories from fat! True!
  • “Aerobics”- Why doing too much may make you fatter!
  • “Eating right”- How to figure it all out!
  • Battling misinformation! Clearing up the Myths!
  • False Beliefs! Clear your brain from what you think you know!
  • The “Three” Keys to Success!
  • Why most people fail to lose weight and keep it off!
  • The crossfit conondrum AND why Orhopedics love love love crossfit!
  • Why Gluten free eating is moronic for most!
  • Why  Visalus, Jillian Michaels and px9o suck!!!!
  • and lots more I promise.  

                              Ask questions and get anwers, STC promises to give you the unbiased fitness truth.


Due to the increasing demand, this is possibly the last FREE seminar we will have. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn what you need to do to get RESULTS!




Presented by Geoff Kalmbach

Owner, Functional Fitness Training


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