About Us

Functional Fitness Training was founded by
combining Geoff Kalmbach’s lifelong passion
for health, fitness, and sports.


Geoff Kalmbach

Geoff Kalmbach, Founder of Functional Fitness Training, is a fully certified fitness professional that works with clients to create effective fitness programs while meeting an individual’s specific fitness goals.

Participating in sports and activities his entire life, Geoff found his very active lifestyle dramatically compromised in college after suffering injuries in a serious car accident. Through intense physical therapy and delving deeply into understanding sports medicine and fitness, Geoff found a way to emerge from the experience stronger and became motivated to share his knowledge and fitness philosophy with others. He immediately sought his fitness certification and began building his professional experience by working in local health clubs as a fitness professional.

After working in the health club environment, he recognized common frustrations so many feel in trying to achieve fitness goals. He realized that many people were overwhelmed and needed help in deciphering the dizzying nutritional and fitness information that exists. He also saw that most could flourish with a practical and individualized focus on achieving their goals. It was then that he decided to establish Functional Fitness, an organization that offers expert guidance, individualized programs and fitness education.

In addition to his Boot Camps, Geoff works one on one with clients, but also offers educational seminars, and corporate fitness training for companies of all sizes. Whether he’s conducting a seminar for 100 people, training a corporate group at their site or working one on one in a client’s home, his approach remains the same. His goal is to treat you as an individual and help you unlock your full potential by focusing on what he refers to as the 3 KEYs for life long results which is based on the balance between supportive nutrition, moderate cardiovascular activity and resistance training.

Geoff’s common sense approach to training has proven to be a needed and successful service which is now widely sought along the gulf coast.