Butter – Butter – Parkay

This Destin Personal Trainer took a beating from a few folks last week who didn’t seem to happy with my suggestion of taking time off to enjoy some junk food so I’m sure the email box will fill up after this weeks advice.

Now to your question about butter or margerine. Plain and simple from health standpoint butter is better for it is the less processed product of the two. Butter has a good deal more “friendly fat” but fat is fat when it comes to calories. Fat has 9 calories per gram compared to 4 for both proteins and carbs so it can be a costly mistake to make loading up on butter or margarine. Regardless of what the labels say, both butter and margarine are 100% fat. That in itself lets us know that too much of either can ruin your chances of a lean healthy body so try to keep the serving size to a pat or tap.

As with all of your food choices be sure to keep it in moderation and you’ll be fine. If you do find yourself sitting in front of the TV one night licking on a stick of butter just be sure and crank up the activity the next day to burn it off.

Learning & implementing the 3 KEYS is the only way to have control over your long term health and fitness.

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