Destin Personal Trainer begs you to not be a Cereal Killer

Let’s refresh everyone’s memory of supportive nutrition. With each meal try to consume a lean protein, fibrous carbohydrate and a starchy carbohydrate, ideally from a whole food sources.

When it comes to high protein cereals you need to understand that grain proteins are not quite as complete as animal proteins and at 8 grams, although its substantial for a cereal, its not significant. ‘Go Lean’ is a decent starchy carb but not much more. The 7 grams of sugar raises some red flags and keep this cereal from being an optimal choice. There is some good news to throw out there concerning most high protein cereals, and that is their high fiber content. Compare ‘Go Lean’, Wheaties, and Special K to most sugar commercially sold cereals and you will find a substantial difference.
While on the topic of sugar laden cereals I saw a very disturbing ad on television this past weekend encouraging children and adults to eat more Lucky Charms and all of its intestinal wrenching friends in order to obtain the nutrient rich whole wheat grains hidden inside the layers of sugar and hydrogenated oils. The manufactures were promoting their products as a great source of whole wheat since the FDA had recently changed the food pyramid to include more whole grains. Suggesting Lucky Charms for its 100% whole grain is the equivalent of promoting Jack Daniels as a great source of bottled water.

There is nothing wrong with a 100% whole grain cereal skim milk and a giant handful of blueberries in the morning but be very very careful of the sugar content and the SERVING SIZE. Don’t forget that milk is going to add some sugar as well so be sure to keep an eye out for hidden sugars on those nutritional labels and you will be fine.

Learning & implementing the 3 KEYS is the only way to have control over your long term health and fitness.

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