You Can Have A Healthier More Fit Body And Lifestyle Too, But Don’t Take Our Word For It…

Our Clients’ Words Are Much Better.

Below you will meet some of Functional Fitness’s clients and read what they have to say about how they feel after working with us. All of these people came to Functional Fitness with a goal. For some it was to fine-tune their bodies for competitive events, for others, it was getting out of a sedentary life style and losing weight. Through our one on one approach, we have worked with these clients to help them unlock the results they wanted.

“Bottom line, I’m Geoff’s biggest fan because he whipped my butt in shape fast. Without his programs I would not have the energy to control my 3-year old as well as get ready for a newborn.”
Daphne Martin, Miramar, FL

“Results come really fast and there are no gimmicks”
Angie Nemecek, Sandestin, FL

“… results are immediate and well worth your time”
Laura Metcalfe, Panama City Beach, FL

“Geoff guaranteed results and he delivered. 17lbs lost in 45 days”
Susan Little , Key Largo, FL

“Geoff guaranteed his workouts would work wonders and he wasn’t kidding. I’ve lost 7 pounds of fat in 32 days.”
Julie Rodriguez, Ft. Walton Beach, FL

“I thought he was full of shit when he promised me a brand new body, at my house, with 20 minute long workouts…17lbs later Im gladly eating my words…thank you so much Geoff for puting up with me”
Ashley Matthis, Islamorada, FL

“I thought for sure I would have to join the gym to fit back into my size 4 jeans, boy was I ever wrong. Thanks Geoff!!!”
Julia Gilbert, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

“Geoff set some pretty hefty goals for me and to be perfectly honest I was a little worried having never joined a Fitness program . He promised this wasn’t about running me into the ground, blood sweat and tears training which really put me at ease. Geoff and his trainers are amazing and a year later I am still look forward to his workouts and am happy to say I have lost 36 pounds of fat and kept it off. Just wish I’d made the decision sooner.”
Kim Cockerell, Key West, FL

…”there is no better feeling than getting a kick-ass workout under the sun out in the fresh air to jump start your day!”
Barbara Kahan, Crestview, FL

“Geoff, thank you so very much! I look and feel better than I have in probably the last 10 years — you are an awesome trainer…you know all the boys want in on the fun you should market the evenings to the boys then we could see if they’re just all talk or tough as the boot camp girls.”
Laurie Hutchinson, Destin, FL.

“Geoff’s Boot Camp saved my life! I’ve lost 24 pounds to date and have to admit one of the best parts of my day is my workout.”
Mel Lund, Destin, FL


“Since I have started my fitness program with Geoff I have had fantastic results. In only a month I have lost 7 lbs of fat and gained muscle and my body fat has gone down by 1.5%. Not only have I gained self confidence, I feel great. My back doesn’t hurt anymore and I have so much energy it’s unbelievable. I couldn’t be happier! Thanks Geoff!”
Jackie Yeattes
Customer Service Representative, Pensacola


“I travel up to 20 days a month with my job. Functional Fitness has shown me how to incorporate a healthy and fit lifestyle while on the road as well as at home. Geoff helped me lose 8lbs in my first 4 weeks! Wherever I travel, I am complimented on my appearance. I’m glad I finally invested in myself.”
Jan Watson
Clinical Applications Specialist, Navarre


“I’m so proud of my wife. She is dedicated to her fitness program, she looks and feels great. I support her in anything that makes er feel that good about herself.”
Ray Watson
Owner, Watson Marine, Navarre


“I completed my first marathon 2 years ago in Chicago. I know that if I wouldn’t have connected with Geoff and Functional Fitness that probably wouldn’t have been possible. I am 36 years old and have been a runner since high school. After I started working out with Geoff I not only noticed a change in how I felt, but as a runner I became much stronger. The resistance and body weight movements to my surprise increased my endurance for the longer training runs that go along with marathon preparation. I am beginning to train for the 2005 New York Marathon now and I wouldn’t even consider it without the help of Geoff. I feel very confident that what Geoff has taught me, not only about weight training, but also the nutrition aspect, that I will take many minutes off my original marathon time of 4 hours and 45 minutes. I can also thank Geoff for instilling the knowledge of “being fit for life”, something I will continue for the rest of my life.”
Kristi Maute
Dental Hygienist Ann Arbor,MI


“One of my colleagues asked Geoff one day if he would be interested in leading a fitness class with a bunch of women at an elementary school in Michigan. This started a quest for health information and fitness. Geoff taught me that good eating habits and exercise is a lifestyle, not a chore. I could see daily changes in my fitness levels and energy. I love how I look and feel and in only 20 minutes a day. His sessions are never boring. He helped me exceed my expectations of my fitness abilities. I’m continuously seeing items and reading articles about what Geoff taught me. He is more than a trainer, he’s inspired me to want to be better .”
Cindy Lester
Kindergarten Aid, Grass Lake MI


”Geoff  was a former student. Fitness training is perfect for someone with limitless energy, a quick mind, and ability to communicate with others. He was willing to take on a group of slow moving and physically-challenged women. We were pushed and educated to look at fitness and health as something we needed do for ourselves. I am finding what he taught us, continues to be up-to-date and appropriate to my needs. He has a sense of humor and made the classes fly by. We became so dedicated we exercised on Saturdays and Christmas eve. He may have taught us as a group, but we each had individualized attention and I still feel, in most respects, he is my personal trainer.”
Darcel Hall
School Principal Grass Lake,MI


“As the manager of a fitness center, I am very concerned for the members as to the type of instruction they receive from trainers. Geoff approached me about training at my facility. After a few meetings of talking to him, I knew he would be a great addition to the trainers we promote. Being an ISSA certified trainer too, I felt confident in his knowledge and philosophy. Although he is certified and confident in his instruction, he continually studies, writes truthful articles, participates in forums, and gives seminars all with the effort to properly inform and motivate the public and his clients. He strives to put fad diets and ridiculous overnight promises to the way side. He is a person I trust in the fitness industry and definitely makes our profession professional.”
Debbie Harris
Manager, Personal Trainer Navarre


“I am 41 years old, and found that my lifestyle was becoming more and more sedentary. I was spending my days at a desk in front of a computer, and my nights on a sofa in front of the television. I subconsciously sought out short cuts to things that might have lead to physical activity. I planned most social activities around meals—large, full meals.

Geoff has spent a good deal of time counseling me about my health. I am very impressed by his three pronged approach to wellness—a sound diet, aerobic exercise and weight/resistance training.

Geoff made me feel comfortable from the outset—allowing me to set my own personal goals, while he measured the results and milestones. Geoff is able to motivate me to work harder in my program while giving me encouragement along the way. He is mindful of my aches and pains as my muscles become re-acclimated to physical activity.

Having Geoff come to my home allows for a very intense workout. We are free from the distractions of a gym. He has my complete attention when he explains an exercise to me—and I have his when performing them. Geoff is able to correct my form during the routine, and I feel I am getting the maximum results from our time together.

It has been 5 weeks since I began my wellness activities, and I feel better than ever. I notice dramatic changes in the mirror, and satisfying changes on the scale. I am amazed at the amount of physical activity we are able to work into a session, which I augment with aerobic activity on our off days. I suspect I was not a prime candidate for such results—and am incredibly pleased with them. I believe that these changes will be life long changes. I think I have the foundation upon which to build a lifetimes lifetime worth of physical fitness and proper diet. I gladly recommend Geoff as a trainer/motivator.”
John Devine
Realtor, Panama City,FL


“When I began working out with Geoff, I had recently given birth to my first child. I was in a slump both physically and emotionally. For months I had given everything to everyone else, but neglected myself. I had allowed my eating habits to spiral out of control and my physical activity was non-existent. I was at a low point in my life. Within weeks of working out 3 days a week with Geoff my energy level was back and my self-esteem was slowing starting to rise. I was beginning to enjoy all the things I had missed for so long. After continuing our workouts for a couple of months I found out I was pregnant again. I was hesitant to be happy since I still was not at my goal weight. Geoff and I discussed my apprehension and we worked out a plan together to get me through my pregnancy as healthy as possible. I am happy to report that I am 24 weeks pregnant and have lost 12 lbs since my first doctor appointment. But, more importantly I have been able to maintain my current workout schedule. Geoff has really been a great force of change in my life. I could never adequately express how great it has been to take control of not only my physical body but also my emotional wellbeing.
Kim Nicolalde
Stay at home mom, Santa Rosa Beach FL



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