AB Wheel

It’s had many names over the years but as of lately the Ab Wheel has been marketed along with many others to finally give you the abs you want. This destin personal trainer has heard all the names.

People make exercise too hard and this device in my opinion has no place in 99.9% of health clubs, and homes. My reason for this is simple. If you buy a machine or gadget for your home or a health club its going to get used, period. Whether or not it gets safely used is up to the club, buyer, the manufacture certainly doesn’t care.

Just about any ab machine or toy you use is going to give you that ”burn”.  As a Destin Personal Trainer I know you “feel the burn” when you use the Ab Wheel and to most this is how you judge a movement effective or not. Just because your muscles are on fire screaming for mercy doesn’t mean your abs are actually doing a whole lot. When you perform a hamstring stretch or any stretch for that matter your muscles scream and burn the same way they do when executing a movement like the Ab Wheel. Does that mean stretching will build muscle? Not directly. The type of rolling motion the Ab Wheel calls for doesn’t offer a very full range of motion for the abs and if solid core conditioning isn’t present your setting yourself up for a lower back injury. I personally have seen several people over the years tear their shoulders a part using the Ab Wheel as well. Low back, upper back and shoulders are all especially vulnerable during this exercise if adequate strength is not already present. As a Destin personal trainer I have a hard time watching non conditioned people perform this exercise for the fear I might see a piece of vertebrae fly out of their body, and when I try to explain a safer alternative the answer is always the same,” but I really feel that in my abs.” I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping exercise simple and safe.

The movement the Ab Wheel calls for is an advanced and very tricky move to perform safely. Although it may have its place in an elite professional arena there is no need to be rolling around on the Ab Wheel if you want a flat stomach for the beach this summer. Stick to slow controlled crunches on a ball and throw in some bicycles in the same controlled manner to get a hard set of abs. Remember, the key to a flat stomach is all in the nutrition, so clean up your nutritional habits while burning up the calories with muscle sparing aerobic activity and you will be more than happy come beach season.

Learning & implementing the 3 KEYS is the only way to have control over your long term health and fitness.

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