Breath in Breath Out says Destin Personal Trainer

Remember when you were a kid and you told Mom and Dad that you were going to hold your breath until you died in an attempt to get out of finishing your green beans or beets?

As a  Destin Personal Trainer, I start off most of my seminars by telling a similar story of a man that forgets to breathe during his workout. It is always good for a laugh and lets people know right from the start that their quest to become healthy and fit must be kept simple and fun.

The whole point to the story is that its pretty much impossible to “forget to breathe” but everyday you will hear trainers and fitness instructors in the gym and on TV urging their students “don’t forget to breath.”

It’s actually very funny when you think about it. Even if you have a sock stuffed down your throat I am quite sure you still want to breath and most likely wouldn’t forget to do so. The main importance during an
exercise is to not hold your breath! However the concept or technique for breathing is not too difficult. You need to inhale on the eccentric portion of the repetition and exhale on the concentric (contraction) portion of the rep.

For beginners an even easier way to remember this is to blow the air out when the exercise is most difficult. A great example is to think of performing the push part of a push up and the pull part on a pull up. You may have to think about this for a few workouts, but it will become second nature very quickly.

Correct breathing technique is very important during exercise with a Destin Personal Trainer. A problem that most people don’t consider when lifting weights is that the holding of your breath can actually make you pass out. I know some
of you out there have experienced that light headed feeling after a hard set and maybe thought you were going to crash and burn. Reason being, when you hold your breath pressure builds up between your neck and abdomen and prevents blood from flowing to your brain. Within a few seconds this lack of blood flow can lead to a black out, and when that happens serious injury may obviously result. Do I need to paint the picture of what would happen if you were performing an intense workout on your own with no spotter and blacked out?

All my columns end the same way and this one is no different, KEEP IT SAFE AND SIMPLE and please what ever you do, “don’t forget to breath”, just joking.

Learning & implementing the 3 KEYS is the only way to have control over your long term health and fitness.

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