Get Head Turning Calves with a Destin Personal Trainer

Even if Mom and Dad didn’t bless you with great calves don’t give up hope.

Calves can be a pesky group of muscles to train. I often get my amusement for the day watching veteran gym and gayne rats perform calf movements incorrectly. FYI, standing calf raises should work the back of your lower leg not the upper front and seated calf raises should not be causing a burn in your lower back from excessive rocking.

There are two muscles you want to be targeting if you’re looking for bigger stronger claves, the gastrocnemious/soleus.

The best way to hit your gastroc is standing stiff legged movements with heavy weight and low reps (standing single leg raises 2-3 sets of 8-10). To properly hit your soleus you’ll want to perform a bent leg movement with lighter weight and higher reps such as a seated calf raise for 2-3 sets of 25-30 reps.

Be sure to control the movement with your target muscles the entire way thru. NO BOUNCING! A great rep tempo would be 2-2-2. That’s two full seconds up with a full two-second contraction at the top and a full seconds down. Try substituting a modified lunge in place of the seated raises. You would perform these the same way you would ordinary walking lunges but you stay on the balls of your feet the entire duration of the exercise. Yowwie! Keep it safe and simple and you’ll be the envy of all your friends the next time you show up in heels.

Learning & implementing the 3 KEYS is the only way to have control over your long term health and fitness.

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