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Has there ever been a more absurd diet trend than the notion if you stop eating after 6pm is a surefire healthy safe way for fat loss? I will forewarn you that I get a little animated when it comes to this topic so be advised.

I hear trainers on TV and in all the popular vanity mags spewing this crap to the masses over and over and its very unsettling to me. If your not a professional body builder or professional fitness competitor (and by professional I mean you make your full time living competing) then quit training and eating like one.

The people who came up with this method are idiots. You will indeed lose weight if you stop eating after 6:00 pm. The same can be said if you stop eating after 8:00 am or better yet 3:37 pm. IF YOU STOP EATING YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT AND ULTIMATELY DIE. This method of weight loss is called starvation. Of course that is a bit extreme but I think you all see where I am going with this. If you leave out meals you leave out calories. Fewer calories consumed, no doubt will lead to weight loss along with muscle loss and water loss which will eventually lead you to the hospital if you don’t have enough common sense to stop.

There is a much safer way to achieve fat loss with a  Destin Personal Trainer, I know it doesn’t happen overnight and it certainly isn’t as glamorous as the makeover shows but not only will you gain a strong body, you gain a strong mind as well.

One meal, one rep and one mile at a time. Seven-day goals week after week will lead to 6-8 pounds of FAT loss each month. That doesn’t sound like much but do the math, that’s 50 pounds of fat loss each year. Somebody’s doing it right now . . .are you ready to do it?

Learning & implementing the 3 KEYS is the only way to have control over your long term health and fitness.
If you want the guidance and accountability to finally achieve your goals, you NOW have a free fitness consultation with me, Destin personal Trainer Geoff Kalmbach(Destin Personal Trainer) no obligations or strings attached.

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To Your Fittest Body Ever
Geoff Kalmbach
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