Response to Criticism

I’ve never bashed anyone’s training method unless of course they disagreed with my methods-that’s a joke Bob. Many studies have been done which show an increased injury potential for those who ONLY train on machines compared to those who utilize free weight standing movements. Ask yourself this question: what does my body do everyday when I leave the house? Answer: it moves.

Our body moves in all planes of motion. It jumps up and down, bends, runs, pushes, reaches, squats etc. The bottom line is that our bodies were created to move around and perform all types of activities. So why not train your body the same way? Here is a small list of some of the problems with training specifically with machines ONLY.

Machines can’t provide full range multiple joint movements like free weights
Machines fail to help you develop a high level of fluid dynamic full range athletic strength:
Machines do not provide training variety and variability
Machines do permit the mind and body to develop in synchronization
Machines do not stress the psycho endocrine system
Machines isolate one muscle at a time
Machines do not provide foe continuous long term motivation.

At Destin Personal Training, I have always stated the best type of training is a steady variation of free weights, cables, machines and body weight movements. I’m not for certain how you morphed that into bashing people who use machines but it is an inaccurate description of my methodologies. I hope this helped clear up any confusion. I will give you this though Bob, machines make it so much more comfortable to read the paper and watch TV during your workout. Train safe.

Learning & implementing the 3 KEYS is the only way to have control over your long term health and fitness.

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