Stability Ball Abs with a Destin Personal Trainer

Regardless which type of crunch you perform please understand that it is still a crunch. As a Destin personal trainer, my clients hear this from me all the time; a crunch is a crunch a curl is a curl etc. That simply means that there is only one way for the body to execute a crunch and it makes no difference how you do it because the same muscle (rectus abdominus) carries the move. There are however different ways to increase the intensity of the crunch. One such way is the ball. The stability ball crunch in my opinion is a safer version of the crunch because it allows for the lower back to be supported as you extend the abs beyond the limited range of motion allowed by the floor crunch. The balance required to stay on top of the ball further recruit’s the deep lying abdominal musculature forcing the abs to fire on all cylinders. This is a great variation of the traditional crunch and an exceptional addition to your workout.

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