The First 5 Pounds is the Easiest with a Destin Personal Trainer

Take a look at just about every magazine out there and no doubt you will find titles each and every issue like ‘lose those last 5 pounds’ and ‘the last diet you’ll ever need’. The more you think about those types of titles the more absurd they sound. Every month a new article targeting the same exact topic. Maybe I am an idiot (I have been called worse) but it would seem if the original article aimed at ’losing those last 5 pounds’ actually worked, there wouldn’t be any need for another article on the same subject.

This happens every month in every major magazine and it does nothing more than confuse people who are already confused about how to ultimately become healthy and fit. Would I have your attention if I told you there was a guaranteed way to look and feel exactly how you wanted without pills, powders, diets or surgery?

Now that I have you attention how about ‘Those First 5 Pounds’ for a title? Whoa! I just got chills after writing that. That makes perfect sense; focus on building a sound safe foundation firstly. Of course you would have to have a detailed plan complete with goals and deadlines but you certainly wouldn’t paint the house before it went up.
Lets get ready to build with your Destin Personal Trainer, here is what you need to do in order to lay the foundation from which‘those First 5 pounds’ come off.

– Eat supportively every 3-3 ½ hours
– Attempt to get a lean protein, starchy carb, fibrous carb in every meal.
– Avoid simple sugars.
– Minimize saturated fats.
– Eliminate hydrogenated fats.
-Eliminate alcoholic beverages
-Consume roughly 1 galloon of water daily.
-Supplement with 1 teaspoon of flaxseed oil w/breakfast.
-Free up 20-30 minutes daily for exercise
-Stretch at minimum once daily.

At first glance you’re turned off because the list is so long and there is no way you will follow it right? Let’s get rid of that excuse right now. The list above simply asks you to make better choices when it comes to meals and a get a bit more active in addition to your daily routines.

It really is that easy. This works for men and women of any age. It makes no difference if your married, single, work full-time or go to school. You will learn very quickly that just about every reason you have ever come up for why you “think” you can’t look and feel exactly how you want are all excuses. Lets add that to our list for building a foundation as well.


Before you even begin to think you can’t do this, please understand that there are people out there exactly like you with the exact same hours in the day who ARE doing it.

Learning & implementing the 3 KEYS is the only way to have control over your long term health and fitness.

If you want the guidance and accountability to finally reach the finish line you NOW have a free fitness consultation with your Destin personal trainer, Geoff Kalmbach, no obligations or strings attached.

Simply click on this link and type free consult in the subject line, or you can call me at 305.393.1282 Either way don’t delay, your new body is waiting and so am I.

To Your Fittest Body Ever
Geoff Kalmbach
Owner/and Destin Personal Trainer
Functional Fitness Training and Consulting

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