Destin Personal Trainer & Wild World of BOSU

To the best of my knowledge BOSU is an acronym. The BOSU itself can be used bubble down or bubble up so BOth Sides Up was made into BOSU. Now back to the answer of BOSU being junk or not. The BOSU is part of the Functional training craze sweeping across gyms that involves the development of the core muscles.

The BOSU is basically just half of a standard 65cm stability ball, which helps you to exercise on an unstable surface requiring you to recruit assisting muscles to balance and stabilize. There isn’t any magic in the BOSU, but it is a valuable tool for those looking to improve balance and functional performance. You can do squats on it use it in place of a step for lunges and perform ab work and push ups and almost any standing movement can be performed on it.As with all exercise equipment be sure to approach the BOSU with caution at first. As a Destin Personal Trainer, I have seen far to many ankles rolled as a result of thinking the BOSU ball is a simple little toy. Be sure to seek out some guidance from a qualified trainer who has experience with stability training and BOSU specifically before forging into the wild wild world that is BOSU.

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