Yogurt- Friend or Foe?

Think twice before you think all yogurts are created equal. The real deal on yogurt is that good ‘ole “plain” yogurt is your best choice. Unfortunately the sugar content is going to run anywhere from 7-20mgrams of sugar per/cup depending on which brand you buy.

In the best and healthiest brands the sugar is coming from the milk and ironically, it’s that sugar that makes yogurt, yogurt (tart and smooth texture).

The key is to scrutinize the labels just as you would any other food. Think of all natural peanut butter. The best brands are those boasting ONLY 1 or 2 ingredients (peanuts and salt). Yogurt should be approached in the same manner. The fewer ingredients the more healthy it is for you. Stony brook earns my top grade. Stick with organics and all natural brands and you be fine.

Don’t over think this foodstuff too much. Yogurt is far too beneficial for us to be worrying about a few extra grams of sugar. If you eat it every day just be sure you are aware of its contents and make the proper changes to later meals. Even better eat it in your post workout smoothie or right before your workout so the sugar is immediately utilized.

Eat it up. . .in moderation. . .just like your martinis on the weekends.

Learning & implementing the 3 KEYS is the only way to have control over your long term health and fitness.

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