Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are getting back into the fitness swing as the big hurdles are right around the corner. Stay the course of daily bouts of quick intense interval type training when pressed for time and try try try never to skip meals. Okay, so Oprah and minion Rachel Ray are urging me to buy and consume mass quantities of some new berry. UGH! Are you kidding me? Again … [Read more...]

Don’t Drink Your Calories

    You’d be amazed at how easily calories can pile up in liquid form. There are many “hidden” calories in your favorite beverages, including those that you may think of as healthful. A tall glass of orange juice has around 200 calories. This may not seem like a lot, but when you convert this to a small boiled potato and several chicken strips, it suddenly seems like just too … [Read more...]

More To Core than You Think w/ a Destin Personal Trainer

Ask anyone just coming out of a “core “ conditioning class or session at any area club how there erectors feel and most likely you will get a blank stare or slapped depending on how you asked. It seems like a fair question to ask since they just finished working that group of muscles but most people have no idea how complex “core” muscles are. Core training is the hottest thing in fitness and … [Read more...]

Butter – Butter – Parkay

This Destin Personal Trainer took a beating from a few folks last week who didn’t seem to happy with my suggestion of taking time off to enjoy some junk food so I’m sure the email box will fill up after this weeks advice. Now to your question about butter or margerine. Plain and simple from health standpoint butter is better for it is the less processed product of the two. Butter has a good … [Read more...]

Stability Ball Abs with a Destin Personal Trainer

Regardless which type of crunch you perform please understand that it is still a crunch. As a Destin personal trainer, my clients hear this from me all the time; a crunch is a crunch a curl is a curl etc. That simply means that there is only one way for the body to execute a crunch and it makes no difference how you do it because the same muscle (rectus abdominus) carries the move. There are … [Read more...]

Cardio Before or After Weights?

Geoff kalmbach, Destin Personal Trainer wants you to do your weight training before your cardio if your main concern is strength and muscle as stated in your email. You need all the focus, energy and intensity you can gather to be sure you are pushing hard enough to exceed past workouts when resistance training. If you’re depleting all your calories and energy knocking our 45 minutes of stair … [Read more...]

AB Wheel

It’s had many names over the years but as of lately the Ab Wheel has been marketed along with many others to finally give you the abs you want. This destin personal trainer has heard all the names. People make exercise too hard and this device in my opinion has no place in 99.9% of health clubs, and homes. My reason for this is simple. If you buy a machine or gadget for your home or a health … [Read more...]

AB Study with your Destin Personal Trainer

A study at the Bio-mechanics Lab at San Diego State University compared 13 of the most common abdominal exercises and ranked them from the most to least effective. The top three exercises were: 1. Bicycle Maneuver Lie flat on the floor and put your hands beside your head. Bring your knees up to about 45 degree and slowly perform a bicycle pedal motion. Touch your left elbow to your right … [Read more...]

Destin Personal Trainer & Wild World of BOSU

To the best of my knowledge BOSU is an acronym. The BOSU itself can be used bubble down or bubble up so BOth Sides Up was made into BOSU. Now back to the answer of BOSU being junk or not. The BOSU is part of the Functional training craze sweeping across gyms that involves the development of the core muscles. The BOSU is basically just half of a standard 65cm stability ball, which helps you to … [Read more...]

Destin Personal Trainer begs you to not be a Cereal Killer

Let’s refresh everyone’s memory of supportive nutrition. With each meal try to consume a lean protein, fibrous carbohydrate and a starchy carbohydrate, ideally from a whole food sources. When it comes to high protein cereals you need to understand that grain proteins are not quite as complete as animal proteins and at 8 grams, although its substantial for a cereal, its not significant. ‘Go … [Read more...]